Take back control of your seizures

With the STAND seizure tacking and emergency call app.
Free to download from the playstore and app store.

Feel safer by managing your seizures

Use your free heart rate monitor to track when you have seizures and predict your next one.

Worry less with one button emergency contact

Quickly contact the people who know about your seizures right before you have one. Use the one button press in our free app or automatically send a text and share your location with pre-set contacts.

Do more of what you enjoy by learning your patterns

Find patterns to your seizures so you can more effectively manage them or learn what might be triggering them.
'The STAND app keeps me safe and decreases my worries. I feel like it gives me more independence to do the things I enjoy without worrying about when or where I'm going to have a seizure.'
Emily Lynn
'With the automatic seizure tracking I can wake up without the anxiety of not knowing when I'm going to have a seizure & just go on about my say like a "normal" person'
Jeremy Gregg

Download and use for free, from the App Store and Play Store

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