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September 7, 2020
Final Prototypes

Update #




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The last six months have been a rollercoaster. COVID has flipped the whole world upside down and we’ve all had to adapt in strange and different ways. But that hasn’t stopped us from working through and building Noti, because we believe this product is so important, now more than ever! Having spent so much time at home or in isolation over this year, returning to work, school, and public places is going to be more daunting than ever for some of us!

Which makes writing this post both very exciting (and a little bit scary), because this will be our last update before we finally release Noti for pre-orders!

After months of design and testing we finally have hands on our last iteration of prototypes, and they’re everything we wanted them to be and more!

We’re no longer working with plastic 3D prints here, we finally have the precision machined brass bodies that have been coated in a gold vermeil. These casings are gorgeous and give a really nice quality feel and weight to Noti. They even click nicer with a lovely responsive feel so you know when you have pressed the button.

Putting the beautiful fit and finish that we’re so overly proud of aside, we’ve also got a chance to test Noti’s functionality, and everything is working as expected with messages or fake calls being triggered to our test phone as and when required. Our phone even gives us a reassuring vibration as a nudge reminder to let us know a message has been sent.

These prototypes are the final step in our process and we’re finally ready to go! It has been a crazy six months but the fun is only beginning. Watch this space as we’re super close to our release date now!

Also, be sure to keep an eye on our site over the next few weeks!

Ben Lindsay

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