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August 17, 2020

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Packaging can often be overlooked as a small finishing touch in product development, but in our opinion, this is a huge mistake. A product’s packaging is the first physical experience a customer will have with it, and for something as intimate as jewellery, it is extremely important that you pull on the right heart strings.

On the other end of the scale, a lot of startups try to replicate the extremely premium (and very expensive) packaging experience we see in a lot of apple products. The problem is, this just isn’t possible without a very large order quantity, which often isn’t possible in the early days of a product. Ben Einstein wrote a great article on this which is well worth the read if you’re interested in this sort of thing.

So when we set out to design our packaging we had a pretty big challenge. Design something that gave our customers a little moment of ‘wow’ and an opportunity to fall in love with their Noti, without breaking the bank and Wasting money we could be using to make our smart jewellery better. On top of this, we have a pesky little environmental conscience that urges us to minimise plastic waste and if possible, ensure our packaging has an alternate use after its life as a Noti taxi. We love taking the easy route...

Anyway, when we starting looking at this, we played around with card boxes and even standard jewellery boxes, but could never find the correct mix of premium feel/custom experience and price. Plus a lot of the jewellery box options felt a touch too regal for us.

Then one day, I’m not quite sure why, we started to play with tins. I think we may have come across a brochure or website for tin packaging, but not like we had seen before. Tins are normally associated with cheaper products and even food, but these tins had [wonderfully poppy vinyl](wonderfully poppy vinyl) stickers and wraps that completely flipped that narative. Like when someone takes an empty factory loft and gives it a home makeover.

We loved them. And the more we started to play with the idea the more we liked it. I even wanted to add a peel back top like you see on cans of tuna....but Emma informed me that this may be a touch too far.

As it turns out, tins are also a great fit for what we needed. They are fairly mother nature friendly being fully recyclable (or re-purposable if you wanted to keep it as a box for something) and with the addition of some laser cut foam and card inserts we could achieve the very custom ‘wow’ moment we were chasing at a price point that made sense to us.

Unfortunately, this experience wouldn’t exactly be the same if we showed you now, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait until the first Noti’s are in the wild to see what we’ve come up with. But worry not, we’ll have some more update pictures in the bank next week!

Ben Lindsay

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