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August 20, 2020
2020 Jewellery trends for everyday

Everyday jewellery trends to get your through the week in 2020, from hoops to layered necklaces


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I love jewellery! Sometimes I feel like a magpie my eyes are that attracted to shiny things. It's great for my accessory drawer but unfortunately not so great for my bank balance. I think my love of jewellery could be hereditary as my mum's ever growing collection of rings provides a great source of borrowing and 'I owe you's'. Jewellery is the last thing I put on in the morning, but without, it I'd feel naked.

When it comes to Jewellery I think there's a time and place for nearly every piece, and it's a great way to express your individual tastes. Jewellery adds to and completes an outfit. Necklaces can make something so plain look absolutely amazing and earrings can turn a bad hair day into a stylish messy updo. When I'm looking for jewellery I always try to go for quality over quantity. I've had enough stained fingers in my teenage years to last a lifetime. My collection of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings doesn't follow any specific fashion rules, it just tends to be things that I like at that moment in time.

Before writing this I was wondering what the stand out jewellery trends of 2020 have been. Every article I read was so different and some gave conflicting opinions about what's on trend this year. So instead of following the catwalk, I thought I'd share some of my favourite jewellery trends, and let you know where you can get stylish affordable jewellery that supports smaller Etsy sellers.


A layered necklace with a block colour tee makes any outfit. The mantra 'more is more' really sums up my feelings on wearing as many plain necklaces as possible.

Layered necklaces

TheViews andCo

Stacking Rings

Is there anything more satisfying than when two rings perfectly go together? Stacking rings allows you to add and take away as you please; meaning you can change up your look more often.

pearl ring silver


Small and Simple

For an everyday look, running errands or going to work, I like to stick with something simple and elegant.

simple gold necklace minimalist

Eda Jewellery

Bright and Bold

I wouldn't often wear statement jewellery but when the occasion calls I'm determined to find an outfit to match the masterpiece of a necklace that I've bought.

complex jewel necklace


Bigger the Better

Hoops, hoops and more hoops. Like so many, my favourite earrings to wear are hoops. From small hoops for work to night out hoops where it's safe to say the bigger the better.

large hoop earrings


Emma McQuiggan

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