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September 15, 2020
Giving Back

Why is it important to us that we continue to give back? Read about it here.


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The third and final STAND culture pillar is 'Give Back'. We believe that if we're not giving back we're not completing our full circle approach that we aim to have. We want to invest in others as we've been invested in and help other people where we can.

Q - Why do you want to give back?

Ben - This is a pretty big question, and I'm not quite sure whether or not I know the answer, but there has always been a part of me that wants to help others. I've actually always really enjoyed sharing knowledge and teaching people the things I have learned. It could be how I was raised or something to do with empathy but I have no idea. It just feels nice to know you're helping people.

Emma - For me, helping people has been the main reason I wanted to be involved in STAND. It's amazing to see that what you've done has actually changed peoples lives for the better and giving back enables us to do this. From the beginning we decided that we would donate to charities that help people in the area of sexual assault. Meeting with these charities we discovered that there was a huge problem with and need for funding. Survivors of assault are more likely to suffer from other mental health problems and the funding for counselling just sin't there. I understand that a Noti isn't for everyone so being able to provide funds to help those in need means so much. Especially when you see the impact it has on individuals.

Q - Who are you giving back to?

Emma - We donate 10% of net profits to charities who help survivors of sexual assault and provide education around this area. So we give back to individuals who require the services of these charities. We also regularly collaborate with others in the start-up space to share knowledge and ideas. This was a huge encouragement to us when we first started and it's only right to return the favour.

Ben - Charities are a big part of what we do and we thought it was really important to select ones that are related to our products and our mantra of living life fearlessly. We hope to continue this trend in the future as we release products that are helping other groups of people.

Q - Why is this so important to you that it's a main culture pillar?

Ben - STAND isn't really just a business, it never really was. If a business was all we are we would make small black plastic boxes that did a job and sell them. STAND is here to make a positive change in the world, and to do so we have to have a cause and a purpose to STAND for. We need to give back to that cause to make a change in the long run, and to not forget why we're here.

Emma - I think Ben has summed it up. If we didn't give back we wouldn't be completing our own aim as a business. It fulfils our whole circle approach and enables us to provide more value and worth for others. It also reminds us of who we are.

Q - What do you actually do to demonstrate this pillar?

Emma - Think we've already touched on this a bit. Currently we donate to charities and help others when and where we can. This pillar is one that I would love to see expand and develop more over the coming years so that we can help more people and have a greater impact. There are all sorts of areas that we'd love to be able to help and as we grow we plan to grow our Giving as well.

Emma McQuiggan

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