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September 18, 2020
Making Amazing Things

Read about why we're constantly trying to make amazing things that make you go 'wow'.


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Our second culture pillar is 'Make Amazing Things'. It's probably pretty straightforward that we want to make amazing things, who wouldn't? But what does it actually mean and how do we get there?

Q - What does it mean to make something amazing?

Emma - To me making something amazing is shown through how much your customer loves the product. It's providing the highest quality product that makes someone go 'wow'. Not only does the product look and feel great it operates smoothly and is easy to use. Making something amazing changes the way someone lives.

Ben - Yes, ‘life changing’ I think that’s it really. Any product is just really bits of metal or plastic or circuit boards. But if you can out those things together in such a way that it actually changes how someone lives for the better, that’s really amazing!

Q - How do you make something amazing?

Ben - Putting a set of steps or a process around making something that truly amazes is almost impossible to me. But I think there is one thing you need to start with every time. Amazement comes from emotion. Although we may think that we are amazed by how something looks or what it is able to do, really we fall in love with how things make us feel. People spend hundreds on bags and shoes that serve the same purpose as a cheap pair of flats or a budget clutch because it makes them feel special or fancy or whatever! So to make something amazing we have to start with an emotion and dig deep into how we can pull that out in a person, while being careful not to fall into the ether...

Emma - As Ben is our product designer I could simply say you leave it up to him to make something amazing.. but I won't.  A lot of our design decisions are made through iteration, discussion and asking and listening to customers. I definitely agree with Ben, amazing things come from a place of emotion rather than logic. We aim to astonish Noti users from the moment they get their Noti in the post to the moment they first use it.

Q - What's the most challenging aspect of making something amazing?

Emma - It's very difficult to make something amazing and dig into what people want when everyone has such different opinions. When it comes to jewellery everyone wears different things and personal taste comes into it a lot. There's also the fact that amazing doesn't come without a price tag unfortunately. We aim to produce high quality products that last but this does mean that they're more expensive than if we decided to use materials that won't stand the test of time.

Ben - I think it’s the noise. There are so many things you could build or so many features you could add to a product to make it ‘better’ to someone, but everyone will have very different opinions on what actually makes something better. Cutting through the noise of requests or different functions to find the most important things to focus on is really difficult!

Q - How do you test whether or not it's actually amazing?

Ben - This is super difficult because anything that is amazing is usually a lot less amazing when you've seen it 500 times, and everyone's perception of amazing is very different. People will also tell you everything is great to your face while thinking something totally different (read The Mom Test if you're interested in this). So to counter this we do a few different things. Firstly, data is king when it comes to overcoming politeness, and thanks to the magic of online advertising we can test different images, taglines, brands or anything visual with a great big bunch of people who aren't afraid to scroll by and not care about something they're not interested in. Secondly, we have a few people whose opinions we really trust and that really aren't afraid to tell us when they think something is really bad. That is so valuable

Emma - Think Ben has pretty much hit the nail on the head. Listening to others is key. Feedback is the only way you're going to know what people like and what they don't.

Emma McQuiggan

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