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September 12, 2020
Our Culture

The first of a series of interviews where we tell you a little bit about why STAND exists.


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When we first started STAND we tried to do all the businessy things you read you should do. But after a while we realised that some stuff just wasn't us. Especially when it came to the whole vision and values aspect. We initially thought of values like teamwork, integrity and trust and our vision was very wordy and written in business language. We do have vision and values, however, for us it's more about the culture that we're developing. We want to keep it simple and focused rather than ticking boxes of what we think we should be doing. We thought we'd put together an interview where we chat through what our company culture means to us.

Q - What is the most important thing you aim to achieve through STAND?

Ben - We started STAND for various reasons, but something we seem to always fall back on is fear. There are plenty of people that completely change how they live and avoid the things they love because they are afraid. I think helping those people is really the core of what we're trying to do. We want everyone to be fearless!

Emma - Like Ben has said, we started STAND to help people feel more confidence and be more fearless. If we help even one person it's worth it. When I hear peoples stories of how STAND has helped them it really encourages me to keep going and reminds me why we started this journey. Our most important aim is to help people which is why we've put it at the centre of our business.

Q - What is STANDs company culture?

Emma - STAND's culture focuses on 3 main pillars that highlight the areas that are most important to us. We want to keep it simple so that we never loose sight of why we started STAND in the first place. It's so easy to get bogged down in the tiny details that you forget your overall objective and having our culture pillars keeps us focused.

Our 3 pillars are;

  • Put People First
  • Make Amazing Things
  • Give Back.

Q - Why did you choose these culture pillars?

Ben - We've always been pretty brand focused with STAND. It's super important to us because it's how the world sees us and how we communicate with our beloved Noti fans. But before we had our pillars we had played around with the more 'traditional', 'tried and true' vision and values that every big business spends tens of thousands developing but no one in the company actually knows. This didn't really work for us and we felt like we needed something different. We needed something in plain english that said exactly who we are and what we want to do while keeping it short and easy to remember. I can now list off our culture from memory and it really does show who we are!

Emma - Keeping it simple and straight forward was big reason for only having 3 key pillars. To establish our 3 pillars we thought of our company and product journey like a cycle, what we set out to achieve and what we aim to do to complete the cycle. It's like a full circle approach. If we aren't completing an area of the cycle we haven't done what we set out to do in the first place. If we aren't giving back we aren't putting people first, if we don't make amazing things we aren't putting people first and there's no point in making amazing things if we aren't giving back. Our pillars are so closely linked and they help us achieve our goals.

Q - How do you see STANDs culture developing over the next few years?

Emma - As we are at the start of our company journey we haven't been able to see the impact of giving back and helping people, this is the part I'm most excited for. I don't think our culture will change very much over the next few years, I imagine it will develop as we are able to do more and help more people.

Ben -Yeah I can’t really see us drifting too much from what we have as our core, after all this is basically us writing down what we want or aspire to do. But there will always be changes and iterations in what we do, so maybe the wording or how we bring things across will change as we go.

Emma McQuiggan

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