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September 18, 2020
Putting People First

Read about how and why we strive to always put people first with STAND.


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Our first culture pillar is Put People First. It's an integral part of our business but what does it really mean to us? We've asked ourselves a few questions so keep reading if you want to find out more...

Q - Where did Put People First come from?

Emma - When we started STAND one of the first things we did was visit charities that helped people in the area of sexual assault. This had a huge impact on us and honestly if we hadn't done this I don't know if we would have had the drive to start STAND. It made us so determined to try and help these people in any way the we could. For me this is where put people first came from, it's where our product journey starts and it's an integral part of every aspect of our business.

Q - Who are the people that you're putting first?

Ben - I suppose on a day to day scale it is our customers. Not just by providing excellent customer service or a great product, but by actually trying to do best by them. We want to bring them an experience that can actually change the way that they live for the better. We want to make them more fearless! To do that we need to constantly put them at the centre of everything we do.

Emma - As Ben has said, the people we're putting first are our customers and those who want to use Noti. We have tried to get as much customer feedback as possible throughout the development of Noti so that we can make a product that is uniquely designed with input from our customers for our customers. Over lockdown we've had zoom calls with customers to gain their insight and its been amazing and so encouraging to chat to those who are interested in what we're doing. While our customers are a key group of people we aim to put first we also really value everyone who has helped work on STAND projects and those who will benefit from our Give Back pillar, but we'll chat a bit more about that in our Give Back blog.

Q - Why do you aim to put people first?

Emma - I think if we didn't put people first and we focused on other business aspects like money, sales, status etc. we'd be doing a disservice to ourselves and the reason that we started STAND in the first place. We genuinely want to help people and in order to do that we need to listen and take their needs into consideration.

Q - How do you actually put people first? What physical things do you do?

Ben - There is probably a bit of us putting ourselves in other's shoes. We're constantly asking ourselves 'would I be happy with this?' or 'would I be amazed by this?' in order to improve what we make. We don't settle for anything less than what we think is the best for our Noti users.

Emma - We're always up for listening to others opinions and stories. This really shapes the decisions we make. Whether it's through a zoom call or on social media it's great to get to chat to people. We've also held interviews with young women to really get to the core of what they want and need. When it comes to internally in STAND we put people first by valuing each others opinions and being empathetic and supportive towards each others situations.

Emma McQuiggan

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