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September 12, 2020
Work wear - Fashion and Function

Emma takes your through her closet for the week as a female young professional.


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Whenever I first started as a young professional a few years ago I always struggled with what to wear into the office. 'Smart casual' really doesn't help a whole lot when trying to figure out what to wear. Then there's the fact that when you google 'young professional female dress code' you tend to get a lot of women in suits.

It's taken me a few years to find my style at work and to see what I'm comfortable in. At first I started with a really relaxed look of trousers, tops and flats everyday and then went to the other extreme with tailored dresses and heels. I've now found my middle ground and I really value how the outfits I wear make me feel, and how comfortable I am in them.

I aim for a style that is feminine and fashionable but I also really value function; I need to be able to move freely and not worry that I'll have a very visible food baby after lunch. I'm in no way a fashionista, these are just some of my everyday work outfits, hopefully it'll give you some inspiration. I also love a bargain so the majority of my clothes are found on sale, in charity shops, or with discounts.

So, here's a week's worth of my work outfits...

Day 1

Dress - Zara (approx £30)

Shoes - New Look (£12 in sale)

Belt - Next (£10)

Day 2

Suit - Next (approx £15 in sale)

Shoes - New look (£20)

Blouse - Charity Shop (£4)

*You can get such good quality brands from charity shops. This top is from Dorothy Perkins, when I saw the collar I had to have it.

Day 3

Blouse - Charity Shop (£3.50)

Skirt - New look (£8 in sale)

Boots - Office offcuts/Timberland (£70)

*Office offcuts or Schuh imperfects are both great for getting discounted shoes that may have been returned or are previous display shoes

Day 4

Blouse - Forever 21 (£12)

Skirt - Next (£5 in sale)

Shoes - New look (£20)

Day 5

Dress - Lipsy (approx £10)

Belt - Next (£8)

Boots - Office (£25)

*I love the fit of a Lipsy dress and usually find them on sale in Next outlets

Emma Mc Quiggan

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